Casa Rural Entre Vinyes


We are located in the main area of wine production in Alicante, where the variety Monastrell takes precedence at more than 70% of the production. This region is also the one with more wine cellars. Most of them offer guided tours and wine tasting, where you will learn more about the wine world.

…and we belong to the Asociación Rutas del Vino de Alicante and Rutas del Vino de España.

We are just in the wine route of the Alicante Protected Designation of Origin.


Any trails that leave the house will take you to fields with almond trees, olive groves and vineyards where you may go for a relaxing walk or biking. But you may also find other easy and challenging hiking trails.

La Centenera is one of these trails. Near the top of the hill you will find rocks with stone engraving. On this same trail you will see the remains of an ancient Roman road in La Centenera. Longer trails are for example Sierra Salinas or El Carxe, and the Cabezo de la Sal is a sea salt mountain.


You cannot leave this place without trying the rice with rabbit and snails, a dish that tastes like pure mountain, made of vine shoots. Also typical is the cold meat from Pinoso. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to buy local products in the El Pinós food market. The almazaras are also places where you may buy olive oil from the area and almonds.